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August 31 – Dodgy Hammers and Once a Blue, Always a Red

Two transfer deadline day bombshells from the OTFD vaults today, as Rooney burns his bridges and two of the world’s best players turn up at the Boleyn Ground.

2004 – Once a Blue, Always a Red

Amongst the sound of fax machines going mad and dodgy agents blabbering on the phone, the transfer window slams shut today. Big deals are always in the offing and today in 2004 was no different, as a certain English starlet became one of the most hated men in Merseyside. Read all about it here.

2006 – Dodgy Hammers

IT all seemed a bit fishy right from the start. When West Ham United announced the double signing of two of the world’s most coveted young players to a stunned football world, the pundits were soon pontificating on the finer details and ramifications of the deal.

Argentine World Cup stars Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano were unveiled to the press as the newest members of the Hammers squad on this day in 2006. Click here for the whole story.

Tevez keeps the Hammers up

August 30 – Cole Fires Four and Tino Returns

Toon strikers past and present in today’s round up from the OTFD vaults.

1999 – Andrew Cole Was a Merry Old Soul

On this day in 1999 Andy Cole made Newcastle rue the day they sold him when he scored four, and set up the fifth in United’s 5-1 demolition of the Magpies at Old Trafford. Read on here.

2002 – Tino’s Off

THERE is a really rather good discourse here on why Tino Asprilla, contrary to popular opinion, was not actually responsible for Newcastle United losing out on the title in 1996.

After apparently not derailing the Toon title bid and then leaving St James’ Park in 1998 most English football fans probably thought they had heard the last of the Columbian striker, but he was back on the radar in the most unlikely way in 2002. See what went down here.

Tino takes down Barca.

August 29 – Becks Runs the Gauntlet and Football Mourns

Beckham faces the music back home, as football mourns.

1998 – Becks Runs the Gauntlet at West Ham

We’re a fickle bunch, us football supporters. One minute we’ll be hero-worshipping our favourite player, the next we’ll be hanging an effigy of them. It’s hard to believe now but in 1998 David Beckham was the source of the nation’s vitriol following his sending off against Argentina in the World Cup. On this day in 1998 that Becks had to face the music as his Manchester United side faced West Ham in his first away game since he saw the red mist in Saint-Etienne. Read what went down here.

2007 – Football in Mourning

BILL Shankly once said: “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

While this has gone down as one of the most famous football quotes there’s ever been, many believe Shanks was taken out of context and after events like those today in 2007 the game of football is put back into perspective. Read the full story here.

The Hammers didn’t forget this.

August 28 – Fergie Gets Pally and Folwer Gets Three

Fergie buys another piece of the jigsaw as Robbie Fowler bags the Premier League’s quickest-ever hat-trick.

1994 – Fowler Gets His Hat-trick On

ROBBIE FOWLER. Scouser, joker, property magnate, race horse owner, footballer, goalscorer, award winning poet. Well ok, not the last one – not yet anyway – but goalscorer certainly, and it was on this day in 1994 that Fowler scored the fastest ever Premiership hat-trick for Liverpool against Arsenal. Really all about it here.

1989 – Fergie Gets Pally

AT the start of his reign Alex Ferguson was scratching his head and trying to figure out how to deliver the League title back to Old Trafford for the first time since 1967. As he often does, he decided that he needed to throw money at the problem and today in 1989 he broke the English record between two English clubs by paying £2.3m for Middlesbrough centre-back Gary Pallister. Click here for the whole story.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

August 27 – Stam and Dalglish Make Their Exits

Two farewells from the history books today as Kenny Dalglish and Jaap Stam are forced out.

1998 – Dalglish Sacked by Newcastle

It didn’t take long for a winner to emerge in the sack race in the 1998/99 Premeirship season. Never a club that can be accused of being run with an abundance of common sense, Newcastle sacked manager Kenny Dalglish on this day in 1998, only two games into the season. Read on here.

2001 – Stam Out

WHILE Manchester United fans have known it for a long time, only in the past few months has Sir Alex Ferguson finally admitted that selling Jaap Stam was a mistake.

The big Dutchman was the rock of United’s defence and in his three seasons at Old Trafford he helped the club win the Premiership three times, the FA Cup, and the European Cup. In the season immediately after Stam left, the club won absolutely nothing, while Stam went on playing at the highest level until last season.

It was today in 2001 that Stam was unveiled to the press as a Lazio player after Fergie got rid of him. Read all about it here.

King Kenny has the skills to pay the bills.

August 26 – Reidy Sacked and the Shankly Gates Open

One of English football’s iconic landmarks unveiled as Peter Reid needs cheering up.

1993 – Reidy Sacked by City

AS everyone’s favourite dour scouser came home today in 1993 his wife no doubt broke into a chorus of “Cheer Up Peter Reid”, as her man had just been sacked as Manchester City manager after three years in charge at Maine Road. Read the whole sorry story here.

1982 – Shankly Gates Open

Just a short nugget today folks. We could have told you about Hernan Crespo signing for Chelsea, for that happened on this day in 2003, but we have had enough of Chelsea’s vulgar cash splurging so instead we are going back to Mereryside in 1982. Read what happened here.

Reidy takes on the Toon Army.

August 25 – Maine Men and a Brazilian in Glasgow

Juninho heads even further north and one of England’s most famous stadiums takes a bow in today’s tale from the OTFD vaults.

1923 – Maine Men

ONE of English football’s most iconic grounds saw it’s first game today in 1923 as Manchester City got the ball rolling on their 80-year residency at Maine Road in Moss Side when they faced off against Sheffield United. Read all about it here.

2004 – Juninho Signs for Celtic

Those Brazilians pop up everywhere. We’ve had legends like Romario and Ronaldo tearing up the major leagues across Europe and even World Cup legend Socrates somewhat randomly turning out for lowly Garforth Town in 2004. Today in 2004 though, another silky samba star found himself in an unlikely location, as Juninho signed for Celtic. Click here for the whole story.

City’s biggest fans enjoy their day in the sun at Maine Road

August 24 – Rude Ruud and Greavsie’s On The Ball

Jimmy Greaves bursts onto the scene and Ruud Gullit’s team selection doesn’t go down well with the Geordie nation in today’s tales from the On This Football Day vaults.

1957 – Greavsie Scores On Chelsea Debut

On this day exactly half a century ago in 1957 lethal front-man Jimmy Greaves made his debut as a tender 17 year-old for Chelsea, getting on the score sheet in the process against Tottenham – the club he was to serve with such distinction some years later. Click here for the full story.

1999 – Rude Ruud Upsets the Natives

THERE were unhappy, moaning tattoo-bellied fans a-plenty across the Toon today in 1999 when Ruud Gullit made the ultimate Newcastle United faux pas: dropping Alan Shearer for the Tyne-Wear derby. Find out what happened here…

Hard to imagine him as one of England’s most lethal ever finishers ain’t it?

August 23 – The Iron Elbow and Chilavert Mouths Off

It’s a look at the ugly side of the beautiful game today, as we look at one of the Premier League’s bad boys and a South American ‘keeper keeping those old stereotypes alive.

2001 – Chilavert Mouths Off

TODAY we bring you more musings from that lunatics lunatic, former Paraguayan goalkeeper José Luis Chilavert.

A penalty and free-kick specialist, we have already told you about the match in which he scored a hat-trick, but today in 2001 he was under fire for spitting at Roberto Carlos from extreme close range after a crucial World Cup qualification match between Brazil and Paraguay. Read more here.

2006 – The Iron Elbow

“WHAT do you ‘ave to do to get a red, kill someone?”

So pondered Pompey’s favourite cockney ‘Arry Redknapp after Man City’s Ben Thatcher had laid down his challenge to Maggie for the title of ‘hardest Thatcher’ by elbowing Pedro Mendes in the face, leaving the midfielder out cold and in need of oxygen and hospital treatment. Click here for the whole story.


August 22 – MotD Hits The Screens and England Flop at Wembley

England suffer their first loss at their new home and one of football’s great traditions is born today.

2007 – Fortress Wembley?

WHEN a manager is under pressure he quite often reverts to meaningless platitudes designed to try to paper over the fact he hasn’t the first idea of what to do to get himself out of the mess he has created. Read on here…

1964 – Match of the Day Hits the Screens

AS the new season has now kicked off BBC One is no longer forced to find some tired old B movie to show at 10.30 on a Saturday night, as the rightful owner of that spot on the schedule is back in town.

That grand old institution Match of the Day is back, and it was on this day in 1964 that the programme was broadcast for the first time. Read on here.

Back when men were men.