The Best Ever World Cup Finals

Often finals can be a disappointment. Teams can be scared of making the mistake that costs them victory, have peaked too soon or just bottle it. Thankfully, the vast majority of the 18 World Cup Finals played so far have had more than their fair share drama, intrigue and classic football. Read about our favourites here…

A clip from our favourite, the Fateful Final of 1950.

1930 – The First Ever Final

1934 – Italy are the World Champs

1938 – Win or Die!

1950 – The Fateful Final

1954 – The Miracle of Berne

1958 – Pele Announces his Arrival

1966 – Three Lions Roar to Victory

1970 – The Greatest Team Ever

1974 – Don’t Mention the Score

1978 – The Shame of Argentina ’78

1982 – The Tardelli Scream

1990 – West Germany Win Italia ’90

1994 – Baggio’s Penalty Pain

1998 – Ronaldo-gate

2006 – ZZ Top

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Stockport Football  on May 16th, 2012

Imagine watching the first ever World Cup live. Would have been an awesome experience.

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